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STS-48 “Zig-Zag UFO” military identification

Source of analysis:

DX-6 subtype: 6 triangular object parts - energy connection 6 triangular. 

- 1 triangular main object

- 5 triangular hollow, close above eachother

Whole object = 6 trianguler.

Data transmission problem to Earth satellites:

1. in the picture 2 trianguler, 2. in the picture 1 trianguler, 3. in the picture 4 trianguler visible.





Illustrated with a drawing 6 trianguler:




I can prepare full technical documentation if needed. Desing with Solid Edge mechanical engineering software. Access to internal structure data DX-6-type >>> military remote viewing technique.  

NASA STS-48.pdf




UAP possible indirect effect (more information is needed to determine) :

- "The electrical power distribution and control subsystem performance was adequate, but two electrical motor anomalies were noted. During the ET umbilical door closure activities following ET separation, the centerline latch 1 motor 2 indicated no ac phase B operation (Flight Problem STS-48-V-02). This loss of phase B had no effect on the mission as the motor will operate acceptably on two phases, and this motor was not to be used again during the remainder of the mission."

- "Yhen the forwardRCS manifold 2 isolation valves (LV127 and LV128) were closed after the forward RCS dump following entry, phase C of the ac power showed no current (Flight Problem STS-48-V-06). The same signature was observed in the data when the manifold was opened during postlanding operations. The valves operated in both situations because the normally operated 3-phase valves will also operate on two phases."

- "STS-48-V-Ol Ismoke Detector B Avionics Bay 1 False Alarms" "Circuit breaker out during ascent 1 day 21 hours 16 minutes MET, The circuit breaker was pUlled by STS-48-V-Ol Ismoke Detector B Avionics Bay 1 False Alarms Prelaunch PR ECL-3-A0039 1M 48RF01 Received several false smoke alarms. and crew sleep periods. On-orbit at another false smoke alarm occurred. the crew to avoid nuisance alarms. KSC: Remove and replace smoke detector and send to vendor for troubleshooting and repair. Activity has been completed" >>> electronic overload?  sensor sensitivity level?

- "CCTV Camera 0 Line Across Screen (GFE)" >>> electronic failure is a direct cause?

- "At 260:03:59 G.m.t., the crew reported a cable problem with the electronic still camera (ESC). An IFM procedure was uplinked to·the crew, and the crew performed the procedure which recovered use of the camera. At 260:05:20 G.m.t., the crew began again transmitting data from the ESC."

Mission safety evaluation report for STS-48.pdf


- "Space Shuttle Discovery was launched into a 57-degree inclination orbit from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Launch Complex 39A at 6:11 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on September 12, 1991. Launch was delayed for 14 minutes at the T-5 minute mark due to a noise problem in the air-to-ground link. The noise cleared itself, and the countdown proceeded normally to launch." >>>UAP due to space detector measurement? (space layer radar)

DT-1 unknown object - space layer radar its location:



(2) Directed (target) wireless power transmission... new technology (a., b., detection )

The whole video has 1 UAP ..
1 picture - acceleration maneuver..UAP not research>>> closed bodywork.


Interdimensional Radar
STS-48 (II.) = Energy (I.) >>>localization


UAP-ENERGY = Energy (I.)

...........................................................analysis continues....................................................